Must Attend Summer Workshops!

Yes, it is time for teachers to start planning out their summer vacations! I wanted to highly recommend the summer workshops for teachers of reading and writing at Teacher’s College at Columbia University in NYC. It is fantastic and life changing professional development for the ELA teacher. After going my first year, it really changed for the better how to teach writing. I was not only excited about teaching writing to my students, but my students fell in love with writing as well!

My second year that I went was even better as an educator.  I got to really strengthen a lot of the skills I learned and had better insight on how to run the writing workshop in my classroom. I can not wait to go back this year. Hopefully I will be able to attend both July Writing & Reading institute if time and MONEY permits. It is a bit expensive, costing $675 for one week. Hopefully, I can get professional development money to cover the costs from my school! Fingers are crossed….

At the KORKOS conference (March 11th) for international schools here in Korea, my colleague & good friend Elaine and I will be presenting on using the Writing Workshop model! Feel free to stop by if you are interested in learning more about it!

Here’s the information on the summer dates. Please pencil in the dates! I hope you can make it to at least one of them:

July Writing Institute: 06/27/2011 – 07/01/2011

July Reading Institute: 07/05/2011 – 07/09/2011

August Writing Institute: 08/15/2011 – 08/19/2011

August Reading Institute: 08/08/2011 – 08/12/2011

Which institutes do you plan on attending?

What other summer professional development workshops/trainings do you recommend for others?

I participated in a workshop with James Howe at last year's writing institute!

8 thoughts on “Must Attend Summer Workshops!

  1. Britt Gow says:

    Hi Jee Young,
    Thanks again for participating in the Teacher’s Blogging Challenge and commenting on my post. I can highly recommend twitter and on-line conferences for Professional Development. Last year I participated in the K12 Online Conference, which involved videos from presenters that were shared as well as online meetings to discuss educational issues. Learn Central is another source of professional development which uses the Elluminate online platform with audio, video, whiteboard and interactive tools. Well done with your blog – keep up the great work!

    • jee young says:

      Thanks Britt for your comment. I just joined twitter last night! My name is jeeyoung_kim! Thank you for the information on the various online conferences. I will look into them. 🙂
      –Jee Young

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