Challenge #6: Time to Breathe

For challenge #6, I am going to embed different types of media into my post!

As a teacher, there are a million and one things that I need to get done everyday, and the list never really seems to get shorter. There is always SOMETHING to do as a teacher. Even during vacations, my to do list is always so long for school.

So my question for other teachers are:

You can create your own crappy graph here.

4 thoughts on “Challenge #6: Time to Breathe

  1. Nancy C says:

    Our prep periods really do seem to get away from us – don’t they! Your ‘Crappy Graph’ shows that quite well. Love the PollDaddy. I always use SurveyMonkey but I think I’ll try PollDaddy – the kids will like the instant feedback!


    • jee young says:

      Hi Nancy! It is fun doing a Poll Daddy survey with your students because of the instant feedback. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Mrs S says:

    I added to your poll. It was difficult to choose just one as I wanted to pick them all. I am also working through the teacher challenge and added a poll to one of my posts. I liked how easy it was. Love the crappy graph.

    • jee young says:

      I’m glad you are able to add a poll as well! Yes, I agree that it is difficult to choose just one. I always get overwhelmed with all the work I need to get done in a prep period! Thanks for stopping by!

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