Challenge #3- Spring Cleaning!

Challenge #3- Spring Cleaning!

The third edublog teacher challenge is to clean up our about page and add another page as well. I’m hoping that my title for the post will make me feel warmer…

I did a major clean up of my about page. I tried to make it more visually pleasing to the eye with two photo collages which I used photovisi, a great online photo tool for making collages! I took out the 3 big photos I had before.

I  included some more interesting pieces of information about myself outside the classroom. I wanted to keep it short and easy to read, so I used a questionnaire style.

I also added a new page about books that I used in my fifth grade classroom and professional books  that have influenced or challenged the way I think about teaching! This is still a work in progress. 🙂

What do you think about the new changes in layout?  : )

6 thoughts on “Challenge #3- Spring Cleaning!

  1. Sara Jo says:

    I love your about page. Those photo collages are really awesome, and I can’t wait to try one myself! I also love that you included a Books page…the English nerd in me gets giddy over such things. 🙂 Also, I am VERY new to this blogging thing, but I find it incredibly amazing how I can learn so much from people who teach different grades, subjects, and even in different countries than me. I started the challenge a little late, but I’ll be sure to catch up! Thanks for being an inspiration.

    • jee young says:

      Thanks Sara Jo! You should definitely try the photo collages. It’s a lot of fun! 🙂 I hope to read more of your blog posts! Enjoy the challenge.

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