A Year of Learning

Happy New Years everyone!

I was browsing through a few different blogs that I read and I stumbled upon a  great entry about all the things they accomplished in 2010. I was inspired by that blog to reflect about my year as a teacher. So this is more for me, so I can remember what I did…

My top 10 teacher accomplishments of 2010:

1. Presented on teaching the writing workshop at the Korkos conference (A professional development conference for international school educators in Korea).

2. Attended EARCOS conference in Manilla, Phillippines, and got to meet educators from all over Asia! Also, attended the ACSI conference in Suwon about Christian education.

3. Attended the Teacher’s College, Reading and Writing project summer institute for the second time and got two other colleagues from my school to attend as well. Participated in a weeklong writing workshop with James Howe (Author of Bunnicula series and more) at the summer writing institute.

4. Read many different professional development books that have helped change and improve my teaching practice including Teach for Champions, Hidden Gems and The Power of Grammar.

5. Participated in a collaborative team to rewrite our elementary science curriculum.

6. Planned our school’s first ever Daddy Daughter Dance! It was so cute seeing the girls dance with their dads.

7. I started mentoring a new teacher at my school, who also happens to be an amazing friend of mine!! 🙂 It’s so cool to help new teachers by giving them feedback and support.

8. Started my first “teaching” blog!! It’s so exciting to get feedback from friends that they read my blog. Thank you for reading this! I hope to blog more in 2011!

9. Finished my 7th year as a teacher and started my 8th year…

10. Turned many reluctant readers and writers into students that love to read and write!

My New Years Resolutions are pretty simple:

1. Read more books.

2. Write more. I need to seriously start thinking about my book that I want to write! 🙂

3. Blog at least 2 times a week or more!

4. Exercise….(the hardest of them all)

What were some of your accomplishments as a teacher in 2010?

What do you want to accomplish in 2011?

3 thoughts on “A Year of Learning

  1. melody says:

    i love my mentor!!!!^^

    you have successfully started blogging more, I was shocked to see that I am THREE posts behind, got some reading to do!

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