Stories are gifts

17 stickers later (including 3 holiday specialty drink stickers), I finally have my own Starbucks 2011 Planner, which doesn’t seem as free considering all the drinks I had to consume and pay for! I don’t even drink coffee, but that’s another story. Thank goodness for the Starbucks gift card I received from one my parents which helped pay for more than half of these drinks!

What I like in particular about the planner besides all the Starbucks propaganda inside is the logo on the box “Stories are gifts.” As a teacher of reading and writing, I can’t help but smile and agree that each of our stories that we have are gifts from God. It’s amazing how everyone has their “own” story. No two stories are completely alike, and God is the best and most creative storyteller!

Well I am minutes away from heading out the door to catch the bus to the airport for Cambodia. I’m excited for the stories I’ll hear of the people I’ll meet there. I’m even more excited to share with everyone of the stories that happen while I’m there! Thank goodness for blogs, e-mails, and technology! It makes our storytelling a lot quicker and efficient. Please keep me in your prayers! 🙂

One thought on “Stories are gifts

  1. melody says:

    one of my friends is buying me a planner for christmas and I am so excited!!! i ALSO cant wait to hear about this trip, I was driving to church this morning and praying out loud (and you know my voice so it was really loud, hehe)
    for you. ^^

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