Effective Goal Setting for the Workshop Model

This school year, I’ve been putting more emphasis on the goals that they decide on as readers and writers. In the past I had students come up with goals in the beginning of the year, but we didn’t really come back to them until the end of the quarter or the end of the year.

It has been working really well to set quarterly goals in addition to more general year long goals. By having students set small attainable goals every quarter they can assess whether they have achieved them or not. I have their goals written down on their conferencing sheet for reading and writing. (I use a binder system for keeping track of my conference notes. I have a separate binder for reading workshop and writing workshop.) Each student has a section in the binder and their cover sheet include their goals for each quarter. Therefore, when I conference with each student I remind them of their goals and check in with them about whether they are working on achieving their goals. I have found that reminding students of their goals and having them remember what they are  pushes the students to become stronger readers and writers.

I also decided that I would have students come up with reading goals for their three week long Christmas vacation. I know that as a reader I have my own reading goals for this vacation! I’m glad that I’ll have some free time finally to catch up on a lot of reading! I’m hoping to read Catching Fire and MockingJay, the next two books in the Hunger Game series.  Also, I’m hoping to catch up on some professional reading including: Hidden Gems by Katherine Bomer. Also, I need to finish The Book Thief!!! Happy Reading! (That’s how one of my students ends her reading response letters.) 🙂

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