boys vs. girls

Today, I went to pick up my students from music class and one of the boys in my class was waiting for me. I automatically sensed the worried look on his innocent face and asked him how music went. He started to tell me how there were some problems and it was from the girls. I continued to ask him what kind of problems. He told me that the girls were saying inappropriate things. I thought to myself, oh no…

“One of the girls asked me if I liked anyone,” he replied seriously.  Inside I felt a sense of relief. I wanted to laugh, but instead I kept my serious teacher face and continued to agree with him that it was not appropriate. I ended up having a whole class discussion with my students that it wasn’t appropriate to be asking students who they “liked”. Another boy raised his hand and complained that a girl had asked him an inappropriate question as well. Well, considering that I have 12 girls and 5 boys in my class, I know this is only the start of it…

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