the best teacher gift.

I still think that the best and most heart warming gifts that I’ve received as a teacher have been hand made cards or letters from student. I love it when my students actually make me things. I try to keep all the cards and letters that my students have given me.

This past week we had parent/teacher conferences. I received this nice mug from one of the parents, but the card written by my student was far more rewarding and meaningful for me. She wrote the sweetest thank you note with a drawing.

It’s so cute, even though she drew me as a googooba (a korean cartoon figure they love to draw). I love how she drew such a detailed picture of our actual classroom including the smart board and broom in the background.

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5 thoughts on “the best teacher gift.

  1. Stacey says:

    That’s adorable. A definite keeper!

    I have kept some of my former students’ pictures and cards through the years. They’re definitely very special to look at and worth more than any gift.

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