Experiencing Magic

I sat in the comfy high leather chair with my loose curls frizzy and wacky as usual, while my hair dresser started coating my hair with the treatment (step 1 in the perm process). I casually opened up my book Eclipse (Yes, I know its a few years late, but I just started reading Twilight). He mentioned to me that I always have a book with me and I nodded. In my head, I thought, a book is much better than trying to read the Korean magazines they give me to read. I quickly get bored after a few minutes, because I just look at the pictures.

I’ve been pretty inseparable with my books this past week. I’ve been willing to carry the thick twilight books for long subway rides, which I look forward to because I know I will be able to read a lot.

I absolutely love the feeling of being just so into a book, that you can’t wait for the next free moment to read the book. I love how some books can just hook you so strongly like magic.

Well a few hours later, I read at least a hundred plus pages in Eclipse in the midst of getting my magic volume straight perm* and finally had really straight hair.

*magic volume straight perm= A Korean perm that straightens your hair, but gives you some volume at the ends so it’s not pin straight. And yes, it’s like magic! 🙂

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