A Good Surprise

As my students lined up for lunch today, I noticed one of my students carrying a small, square notebook the size of his hand. I asked him what the notebook was for. He told me that he was going to write about the soccer game during recess. He already had written down a quote from one of the boys about playing soccer.  I was a bit surprised, but thrilled to see my student writing in this authentic way.

After lunch, I asked him to look at his notebook where he had written about the soccer game between the fourth and fifth grade boys. Every day when they play soccer, it is usually an intense game of sweat, action, and sometimes even tears. He had written a few pages about the soccer game. He included quotes  from the boys and important stats like who had the assists for the two goals. The other boys that played soccer were wanting to read what he wrote as well. It looks like I have a future news reporter in my class!

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12 thoughts on “A Good Surprise

  1. Ms. M says:

    This fella is truly an author. When you mentioned that he was writing down quotes, I was reminded of Ralph Fletcher’s chapter on “Snatches of Talk” from his book, “Writer’s Notebook.”

  2. Ashley says:

    I have one who does the same thing–loves to write about Tennessee State University football games. I can’t wait to read his first “Sports Report” that he is working on.

    These are the moments when you must feel like you are doing something right!

  3. onesunflower says:

    I’m glad you asked to see it his work. I agree with these fellow bloggers – great inspiration, great hook to reading some writing of a similar format! We never know where the magic will come from for our students.

  4. melody says:

    amazing! i have a student who loves to bring her writer’s notebook out to recess as well, the first time she did it I thought my heart would burst.

    p.s. our soccer games between the first and second grade boys get pretty heated as well!

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