Math Concept Map

This is a fun way to have students work on deepening their understanding of concepts and vocabulary.

Materials Needed:

  • post-it notes
  • poster paper
  • markers/pens
  • glue sticks (optional)


1) Have a list of 8-10 words that can be easily connected to each other.

2) The students write each word on a post-it note.

3) Then, the students put the post-it notes on the poster paper and work on arranging them in a way that they can make connections to the other words easily.

4) Let students know that as they create arrows that connect words together, they must write a sentence of how they connect. Since they were making math concept maps, I had them explain the math of why two words (or numbers) would connect with each other.

5) Once they finish their map, I have them glue the post-its on the poster paper, because they can easily fall off.

You could easily use this idea of creating a concept map for other subject areas!

math concept map example

students explain connections

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