Hidden Treasures: Introducing Writer’s Notebooks

After much contemplation, I finally decided how to introduce my writer’s notebooks last Friday. After reading about a cool way a teacher in Texas introduced writer’s notebooks, I felt inspired to do something creative as well!

I decided to plan a scavenger hunt around our school with clues. These clues would lead them to these hidden treasures. I took the writer’s notebooks and put them into two boxes. I wrapped both boxes up and placed them in the library.

I carefully put the clues in envelopes and placed them in different locations. In class, I showed them a powerpoint presentation of their “mission”. It was a lot of fun as I played the mission impossible theme song in the slide show to get them pumped up. There were so excited to look for the clues. Each clue was a riddle in which the answer would lead to the place where the next clue was hidden.

As a class, we went together finding each clue and coming up with an answer. They managed to find the hidden treasures in the library. It was a lot of fun for the kids. As they ripped open the two wrapped packages, they found notebooks inside with their names on it. I explained to them this was their writer’s notebook a place that will hold many of their “treasures”  this year.

Envelopes with the clues inside!

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