Day 3…

It feels like I’ve been in school for weeks already, but it’s only day 3!  It’s been tiring, but a smooth start. There is just soo much to do and prepare for in the beginning of the school year! I’m really excited though because every year it feels like I am doing a better job than the previous year as I learn from my mistakes. This past summer being in NY was good for me. It definitely inspired me through conversations and other things that happened to become a better teacher this year.

My new students are growing on me quickly! It’s a bit weird, but in the first few weeks of school I go through a phase of missing my students from last year. I see them sometimes popping their heads outside my classroom windows or in the hallways where they scream “Ms. Kiiiim!!!” and give me hugs. Its really heartwarming to know that they miss me as well.  I think I have a really good groups kids again this year! I have 10 girls and 5 boys in my class! I don’t think I’ve had such a girl dominant class before. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

Here’s some artwork we did the first few days of school, where students use thick paintbrushes and paint straight lines. They use just one color and mix it with some white. It sounds easy right?! Well the kids love doing this. I’ve done it a few times its pretty therapeutic after a long day!  We end up using the painted paper for different projects we do doing the year instead of construction paper. The outcome is pretty cool on some of the bigger collage type of art work we do!

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